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Resident Stories

Holding their Hand when Family Cannot

reclinerWe have a man in our facility with severe Cerebral Palsy. He was cared for at home most of his life until his mother died and his father was no longer able to meet his needs. After he was admitted to the facility his father came every day and sat in a recliner to hold his hand, talk to him and help staff in interpreting his requests. Finally, his father was also admitted to the facility and the two of them shared a room. The father continued to sit in the recliner day after day and hold the resident’s hand and help interpret his needs. The father passed away during the winter but the recliner remains and other family members as well as facility staff sit in the same recliner and follow the tradition of attending to the resident. Visiting, socializing and comforting him in the absence of his father. Keeping the recliner and the tradition alive was recommended to family by our staff.

Showing our Love in Small Ways

We have a husband and wife who are both residents unfortunately, their specific medical needs prevented them from sharing a loveing coupleroom. As their 60th wedding anniversary approached, they requested a room together at least for a short time. Staff worked very hard to adjust their plans of care and room arrangements so that these love birds could enjoy a few days together. The plan worked out so well that the couple continue to share a room.

The couple and their grandchildren are very happy.